Arturo, one of the most distinguished art historians in the world, is invited to Istanbul for the renovation in Hagia Sophia and he gets down to work as soon as he arrives. One day, a tiny piece of stone rolls on to the floor from the bottom of the marble slab that he has lifted to repair. When he gets down to pick up the stone from the spot it has fallen down, he notices that the stone glitters poorly. But, when he returns to the place he is working, the light goes out. Overwhelmed by his curiosity, Arturo goes back to the spot where he found the stone and the stone begins to emit light again. When he continues walking, he realizes that the stone shines out more and more, but now he is stopped by a wall. As the stone gets closer to the wall, the light increases and the wall suddenly suck the stone in, along with Arturo. When Arturo opens his eyes, he finds himself in Rome, but it is not long that he realizes that he is in a wrong age, (in the 1400s) and that the stone no longer radiates light. Arturo is aware that he needs to find a new time warp in order to return back home, and to do that, the only thing that can help him is the stone he is holding in his hand. He will try to return to his own time, with his puppy “Tail” that he will meet in these travels and the stone, by travelling through the adventures in the new cities.


Travelling through a time tunnel and ending up in Rome of 1400s in the finale of the first episode, Arturo will spot a new time gate in every episode and go to a different time zone and a different city in the world. Arturo’s quest to get back his own period of time will be narrated with an engrossing depiction that will continuously arouse the curiosity, by further enriching with enjoyable byplays, which will also be more amusing with his puppy ‘Tail’ that will join him during his trip in Egypt.


In fact, the brand structures of the cities will be shown in the sub-texts while watching Arturo’s journey (e.g. Taj Mahal, the Pyramid of Cheops, the Eiffel Tower, etc.), along with brief descriptions regarding these periods, such as explanations on how they were built, what they are used for, etc.


11-12 min.


6-10 Age


(Ready for production)


Cut – Out Animation (HD)


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