Deeply involved in science for many years and dedicated himself to the mankind, the Doctor Wisdom takes up a new mission for himself and decides to tell the children about the discovery stories of the inventions, games, objects that the children wonder about. Every day a new story, which will satisfy the curiosity of the children and enlighten them, comes out of the mysterious suitcase expected by the children excitedly. While our doctor is narrating the stories, the children around him will find themselves among the heroes of that story, as they are already more than willing to become a part of that story.


Beginning each episode of our program by explaining an object that he brings out of his suitcase, which is related to the story he will tell on that particular day, the Doctor Wisdom tells, with an engrossing style, the invention stories about the objects, from basketball to electricity to printing press and pen, that not only children but also adults will enjoy listening.

While travelling with a flashback from the study office of our doctor to the time when the relevant story is narrated, the characters narrated by the Professor will be the children listening to the story with curios eyes.


Although the Doctor Wisdom aims at advising the children by explaining them how the ‘OBJECTS’, which facilitate our lives, help the mankind to survive until today and give inspiration for further development, were actually invented, his main purpose is to encourage the children to dream by inspiring them. In doing so, it will be his primary goal to ensure that the children embrace the ethical values, peace, sharing, austerity, friendship, goodness, fairness and honesty, which make a man, a man and instil these values into the children.


10 min.


5-8 Age


(Ready for production)


2D Animation (HD)


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